Called the “hardest working man in America” by one national media outlet,  for his work to protect the citizens he represents, Billy Nungesser has worked tirelessly to defend his community and fight to rescue and restore the Gulf Coast in the wake of the Deep Horizon Oil Spill. Another national news organization described him as a true son of Louisiana having grown up in the state’s holy trinity of seafood, oil and politics.

When the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded off the coast, Billy Nungesser did not wait for the federal government and BP to act, he went to work and fought tirelessly to cut through the bureaucratic red tape and forced them to act to protect our communities and environment. He continues to stand up to ensure that victims are compensated and restoration is made.

In 2006, Billy Nungesser was elected President of Plaquemines Parish at a time when the parish was struggling to recover from the devastation of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. On day one, Billy went to work by challenging and working with FEMA and the Army Corps of Engineers to increase public projects that increased investment in infrastructure.

Nungesser also focused his efforts on coastal restoration to protect our wetlands and protect communities from storm surges by developing a master plan and bringing federal, state and private resources together to increase funding. His efforts earned him re-election in 2010 with over 70% of the vote.  He was appointed to the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority Planning Commission, and received the Disaster Recovery Contractors Association’s Golden Horizon Award.

Prior to serving in elected office, Billy Nungesser was a successful small businessman whose innovative idea of converting used shipping containers into modular living quarters improved the living conditions of our state’s offshore oil drilling workers. Before selling the business Billy built it into a company that helped create over 200 local jobs and continues to dominate the offshore living quarters industry.

In 2002, Louisiana Life Magazine named him one of our states “Top CEOs.” While in business, Billy helped form the Plaquemines Association of Business and Industry. As President of Plaquemines Parish, Billy has used his business sense and discipline to hold the line on taxes and control spending. This has resulted in annual savings to the taxpayers and millions of dollars of surpluses each year in Plaquemines Parish.

Billy has always helped people in need. After riding out Hurricane Katrina at his home, he immediately began rescuing people and animals in South Plaquemines, utilizing his personal equipment and resources. As the recovery continued, he partnered with the United Way to distribute washers and dryers to needy residents who had lost everything in the storm.

Billy Nungesser is an active sportsman and member of the NRA who values our state’s natural resources. Next to his ranch where he raises elk and cattle, he created the Pointe Celeste Therapeutic Riding Center to enable physically and mentally challenged people to share in the therapeutic benefits of enjoying nature through free horseback rides. He has also volunteered his time with countless organizations to help people in need, including serving on the board of the United Way of New Orleans and as a past chair of the Plaquemines Campaign.