Being a fiscal conservative is just another way of saying I don't like wasting other people's money!

In fact, wasting taxpayers money makes me sick. That's why, as Plaquemines Parish President, I used the same commonsense you use at home, spend smarter so we can spend less.

As a result we returned $15 Million back to the taxpayers!

This year, Louisiana faced it's worst budget crisis since the late 1980's and despite calls from Louisianans across our state to fix the state's fiscal woes, those in Baton Rouge chose to merely put a bandaid on an issue that will not go away with out a fight. In these times of bloated government, the only answer to our fiscal issues is to fight to end government waste!

I fought for fiscal conservatism as Plaquemines Parish President and as your Lt. Governor I'll take those same conservative values to Baton Rouge.

Please join me in the fight to end government waste by signing the petition today!

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